BOSSGAMER on 2014-04-06
Megazell on 2014-03-03
The web game classic that is no legendary.
shortcake on 2014-02-19
shadowwolf333 on 2014-02-14
I love this game. So range inducing tho :) still love it and how do u change profile pics?
PactrickStar on 2014-02-07
So annoying yet so addictive.
poniesrock1000 on 2014-02-03
... sorry about that one it sais so please don't make a fuss. im so sorry any who 5 STAR GAME STILL!
ChocoMonster217 on 2014-01-19
I`m lovin` it!
PrettyUnicorn on 2013-12-28
It's so cute n beautiful game....type of inspirational....Such an awesome song!!!!!!!!!
orange on 2013-12-19
its cute and beautiful
CuteCandyCane20 on 2013-12-17
I love this game and song.This is the first game I have played on here.
MAGICALpanda on 2013-12-15
give this game 5 stars if LISBUG brought you here :)
1010wolfie on 2013-11-23
I cant belive I loved this game when I was 7. I am now 15 and Still LOVE IT!!! TOTALLY 5 STARS!!! XD
blazekemp092 on 2013-11-04
its okay but I love the music
PietPlettenburg on 2013-11-02
Snerdly9, the song called: Always - Erasure
Snerdly9 on 2013-10-07
I love the music! What's the song called?
dtm824 on 2013-09-22
this game is sick. way too addictive though!
CorieD on 2013-09-19
This game is pure happyness 3 ^_^
darkrose on 2013-07-31
o my globs like i am addicting
CrazyBabe on 2013-07-24
todaly cool :D
cman123 on 2013-06-28
robot unicorn is the bomb
lolgirl12 on 2013-06-23
awesomeness123 on 2013-06-21
you spelled sorcery wrong haha
WizardOfExcelsa on 2013-06-20
I belive that unicorns are the most mystical creatures in the mythical world. Please join me in this journey of wonder and socery.
DragonMaster101 on 2013-06-20
i recomend that this game is a load of soucery! it is great fun and to exterminate the robots fills us children with laughter!
awesomeness2020 on 2013-06-16
yeah. I know it is so addicting
bryadorpets16 on 2013-05-07
It's fun but addicting!!!!!!!!! =D
monkeyballs on 2013-04-22
want to fuck me up the ear nigga
999moon9999 on 2013-04-18
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stormieandjake on 2013-03-07
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tylercoup on 2013-03-01
Fun Game But The Heavy Metal One Is Better
whitechocolate on 2013-02-27
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minecrafter on 2013-02-15
this is the best game in the histry of the globbin world
KIDSRULE on 2013-01-18
Dandaron on 2012-12-18
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Toboe5 on 2012-11-18
I love this game especially when you love unicorns!! You can also play it on Facebook theirs and evolution one but that one is to laggy for my computer soo yeah!..
SahkMahDahkk on 2012-10-11
Im a beast
peapiel3 on 2012-09-30
this game is very addicting: )
xXzombieloverxX on 2012-09-18
when i was a lil boy my mommy said i can be whatever i wanna be with i grow up and i wanna be a unicorn :3
telemon on 2012-07-16
awesome game but its kinda hard when i get to the bit where i have to jump the huge star
nosidam09 on 2012-06-07
when i grow up i wanna be a pony princess!!! dont be h8ers
HaterMonkey5421 on 2012-06-07
joswiakmj seriously dont lie! Suck Up! Fags.
grankyleg on 2012-05-16
I hate all of you gay queers
joswiakmj on 2012-04-14
love it i think it is the best game ever!!
flashlinegames on 2012-01-08
rainbows are flying out of its butt!!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
imindejacos on 2011-05-18
fun to play in computer class
Searide17 on 2011-02-14
Kinda fruity, but awesome
JoshDourshesMom on 2011-01-20
Oh my in my day we didnt have video games we had the old typewrighter to play on.
henryyu on 2011-01-10
no it never ends but its like the funnest game ever :)
1supermiguel on 2011-01-10
Badass. Loved it. But does it end?